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Large Woodland Fairy House with White Fence and Pond

This super cute house has a fenced in backyard with a tiny pond in the back.


Pink Petal Roof with Fluffy Yellow Rug

A flower petal roof keeps this cute cottage cozy. This twig fairy house features a hanging flower basket, pretty white flowers, a soft yellow dandelion floor, and a cute tiny white bunny.


Pretty Pink and Blue House

This little abode has a tilted roof (the fairies were in a hurry when they built it!).


Teeny Tiny Houses Sitting on Stones

These dainty little Fairy Houses are very small, but very detailed. Each is mounted on a large, flat river rock.


Teepee Style Fairy House with Green Fern Roof

Let your fairies play in this fern covered house! Miniature twigs are gathered together to form a cozy hideaway for your garden friends. Covered with moss and leaves, and decorated with purple flowers.

This handcrafted fairy house is made of REAL twigs, bark, rocks, dried flowers, pine cones and fir needles - all gathered from the Pacific Northwest. All of my houses are for indoor use only. They are sturdily built for real play. Suitable for toddlers to adults.


Tiny Stone Shelters

These very teeny tiny stone shelter fairy houses will look wonderful in your fairy garden. Sturdily constructed with found river rocks, and adorned with moss and flowers, they will accommodate the smallest of house guests. Approximately 3' in height, they are very roomy inside with a soft mossy floor.


Two Small Houses with Pine Cone Scale Roofs

Teeny, tiny fairy houses that will look great in your garden. The roofs are tiled with pine cone scales.


Welcome to my Fairy House!

The Welcome Mat is always out for your forest friends to visit. A tiny white picket fence surrounds the lovely green yard.