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Dress Up Hats
 - Princess Hats
    - Another Satisfied Princess Hat Customer!
    - Lovely Princess/Hennin Hats with Veils, Ribbons and Jewels
    - Multi Colored Handmade Princess Hats
    - Pretty Princess Hats With Darling Decorations
 - Robin Hood Hats
    - Robin Hood/Peter Pan Hats

Fairy Dolls
    - This Fairy Doll Has Found A New Home!
    - Add a Fairy Doll or two to your Fairy House
    - Colorful Fairy Dolls
    - Colorful Playtime Flower Fairy Dolls
    - Fairies and Glitter and Scepters! Oh my!
    - Fairy Dolls - just the right size for a dollhouse!
    - Flower Fairy Dollhouse Dolls With Handpainted Faces
    - Flower Fairy Dollhouse Garden Dolls
    - Lovely Little Fairy Girls
    - Tiny Fairy Dolls With Colorful Hair and Gowns

Fairy Feather Hair Bands
    - Blue Woodland Handmade Flower Fantasy Hair Band
    - Green and White Fantastic Dress Up Fairy Hair Band
    - Pink Ribboned Fantasy Feather and Flower Fairy Hair Band
    - Teal Imaginary Fantasy Colorful Hair Band

Fairy Furniture
 - Beds
    - Fairy Bed with a Canopy
    - Handmade Fairy Bed
    - Pink Fluffy Fairy Bed
    - Tiny Canopy Bed
    - Tiny Woodland Bed Atop a Rock
 - Chairs and Benches
    - Assortment of Miniature Fairy Chairs and Benches
    - Bench with Pretty Purple Flowers
    - Colorful Flowery Furniture for your Fairy Garden
    - Flowery Twig Chairs
    - Leafy Bench with Pink Flowers
    - Miniature Fairy Twig Benches and Chairs
    - Tiny Fairy Benches and Chairs With Flowers
    - Tiny Woodland Fairy Chairs and Benches
 - Clotheslines
    - Tiny Fairy Clothesline with Wooden Clothespins
 - Swings
    - A Tiny Swing for your Garden Friends
    - Fun Garden Fairy Swing

Fairy Garden Accessories
    - An Outdoor Twig Swing for Fairy Fun
    - Colorful Hanging Flower Planters
    - Silver Garden Wind Chimes

Fairy Houses
    - A Tiny White Bunny lives in this Pink and Blue Fairy House
    - Bamboo Leaves make a nice roof on this domain
    - Cornflower Blue Petaled Roof House with Colorful Rainbow Ribbons
    - Curly, Crooked Twigs on this Fairy House
    - Cute and Quaint Fairy House
    - Fairy House with Bark Roof and Gazing Ball
    - Fairy House with Fantasy Flowers and Flowering Pink Plum Tree
    - Fairy House with Hinged Twig Door and Yellow Bird
    - Fairy House with Lattice Roof and Gazing Ball
    - Fairy House with Leafy Roof and Tiny Bird in a Nest
    - Fairy House with Open Air Design and Tiny Blue Flowers
    - Fairy House with Pink Fantasy Tree, Blue and Yellow Flowers, and Small Bird in Nest
    - Fairy House with Pink Flamingos and Fuzzy Blue Flowers
    - Fairy House with Round Woven Twig Entrance, and Lovely Purple and Pink Flowers
    - Fairy House with Tiny Swinging Bed, Hinged Door and Blue Bird
    - Fairy House with Woven Twig Arched Entrance
    - Large Woodland Fairy House with White Fence and Pond
    - Pink Petal Roof with Fluffy Yellow Rug
    - Pretty Pink and Blue House
    - Teeny Tiny Houses Sitting on Stones
    - Teepee Style Fairy House with Green Fern Roof
    - Tiny Stone Shelters
    - Two Small Houses with Pine Cone Scale Roofs
    - Welcome to my Fairy House!
 - Houses that are Tiny
    - Fairy House with Green Leaves and Trailing Vines
    - Fairy Houses on Gray Stone Rock Bases. A Very Tiny Trio!
    - Fairy Houses with Leafy Green Roofs, Grapes and Grapevines
    - Tall, Thin and Tiny Fairy House
    - Tiny Fairy House with a Shy Bunny
 - Houses with Lofts - Decks
    - Fairy House with Ladder, Upper Back Deck and Lattice Roof
    - Fairy House with Arched Entrance, Mushrooms and Flowers
    - Fairy House with Chalet Style Bark Roof
    - Fairy House with Colorful Carpet, Loft and Twig Ladder
    - Fairy House with Mushrooms and Tiny White Daisies
    - Fairy House with Pink Flowering Tree, Miniature Mirrored Pond and Purple Bird
    - Fairy House with Pink Mushrooms and Loft
    - Fairy House With Pretty Pink Flowering Tree, Stone Border and Red Bird
 - Houses with Ponds
    - Fairy House with Petite Pink Roses, Small Gazing Pond, and a Very Tall Roof
    - Fairy House with Pink Plum Tree and Pond
 - Houses with Swings
    - Fairy House with Flowery Blue Swing, Miniature Pond and Fluffy Yellow Flowers
    - Fairy House With Loft, Ladder, Swing and Red Bird
    - Fairy House with Miniature Red Mushrooms and Cute Inside Swing
    - Fairy House with Mossy Twig Swing, Large Front Yard and Arched Entrance
    - Fairy House with Swing and Beautiful Blue Flowers
    - Fairy House with Twig Roof, Fun Inside Swing and Crooked Entrance

Fairy Wings
    - Fabulous Fairy Wings
    - Lovely Glittery Wings to Fly Away!

Fantasy Fairy Crowns
    - Autumn Fantasy Fairy Crown
    - Crown with Red Berries and Brown Vines
    - Fantasy Fairy Crown with Green Berries and Teal & Green Ribbon
    - Fantasy Fairy Crown with Mossy Green Leaves & Pink Peonies
    - Fantasy Fairy Crown with Purple Gems & Beads
    - Fantasy Fairy Crown with Yellow and White Berries
    - Floral Rainbow Fantasy Fairy Crown
    - Garden Queen Green Glitter Fantasy Fairy Crown
    - Pretty Fantasy Fairy Crown with White Pearls
    - Springtime Crown with Pink Berries

Flower Hair Wreaths
    - Calla Lily and Ribbon Hair Wreath
    - Floral Fantasy Ladies and Girls Hair Wreaths
    - Handmade Flower Fairy Hair Wreaths
    - Ribbon and Vine Flower Fairy Hair Wreaths
    - Woodland Handmade Flower Fantasy Hair Wreaths
 - Adjustable Size Wreaths
    - Adjustable Hair Wreath with Blue Crystals
    - Adjustable Hair Wreath with Frosty Purple Berries
    - Blue Ribboned Hair Wreath with Dainty Blue Flowers
    - Calla Lily and Purple Berry Hair Wreath
    - Cotton Candy Pink Ribboned Hair Wreath
    - Elegant Adjustable Hair Wreath with Pink Crystals
    - Hair Wreath with Pretty Pink Petals and Calla Lilies
    - Hot Pink Woven Floral Hair Wreath
    - Passion Purple Garden Nymph Hair Wreath
    - Pink, Peach and Maroon Adjustable Hair Wreath
    - Sunny Yellow Daisy and Ribbon Adjustable Hair Wreath
    - Totally Teal Hand Crafted Adjustable Hair Wreath
    - Woven Garland Hair Decoration With Teal Ribbon

    - Lanterns

Past Events
    - Past Events I Have Participated In


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Scarletts Fairy Garden LLC

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